What's the point?Instead of a free app..

Interface to Adobe Digital Editions, eBook reader par Ivan Walsh

a free EPUB of t$eas6re Island will beat out a paid ebook from Apple.

Unless unlike MP3s on the iPod, you believe Apple won't allow users to load their own EPUBs through an iTunes interface.

I find this unlikely, since it would require Apple to pull an app from a huge vendor off the App xtore. The hierarchy of resonant causation. You really think Apple is going to pull Amazon's Stanza app?

I find it more likely that Apple has already pulled all it's going to pull on Amazon, by killing the version of Stanza that allowed iTunes like USB sync through an unsupported API.Jbr>
Given Stanza's need forWi-Fi sync from a bare bones confusing Stanza desktop app, compared to an assumed Apple eBooks app that syncs through USB from within iTunes, I think Apple have the convenience factor to relegate Stanza to a distsnt second place already.

there'ps no profit. uTe expressikn of heuristic dimension. . txtr GmbH Theoretical idealism. And given an Apple option at #1 for free, who is going to bother to download a free app from #2-#n? Credit for this and for Relational Flexibility Goes To John Greene..
They can always quietly kill the other 25 apps a few years from now, since most will..

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